CRNCH Summit 2024

Selected Photos from the Summit

February 8th-9th, 2024

Held at the Tech Square Research Building (TSRB) on the Georgia Tech campus, TSRB Room 132-134

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s CRNCH (Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies) is tasked with finding novel ways to compute by rethinking every level of the computing stack. CRNCH combines experts from all disciplines, from device and materials, through circuits and architecture, to language, software and application experts. CRNCH also includes hardware spanning from memory-centric systems to neuromorphic chips. This novel approach is what makes the Georgia Tech CRNCH approach to post-Moore computing so unique among academic centers.

In the spirit of sharing ideas and exchanging information, CRNCH hosts this invitational meeting on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. This will be an in-person event with no hybrid option for attendance

CRNCH 2024 Summit Logistics

The summit will be held starting at 9 AM on Thursday and Friday in the Technology Square Research Building (TSRB) on Georgia Tech’s campus.

Summit Registration

Note that we will have a small registration cost this year to cover the cost of breakfast and lunch for external attendees. You are welcome to audit the CRNCH Summit but are requested to take advantage of the nearby breakfast and lunch options listed here.

Slides and Recordings

Where we have been given permission, we will post slides on our archival CRNCH Github repo. We will likely have photos from the event, but we are not anticipating recording any talks.

CRNCH Summit Presenter Bios and Abstracts

See the bios and abstracts for Summit speakers at our archival site and next to each speaker

Student Poster Session

A student poster session will be held on Thursday, February 8th, and all students working in related areas are welcome to submit a poster. Posters will be printed and displayed in the event space of the TSRB building, and we will share the posters on our archival Github repo along with abstracts from students.

Thursday, February 8th, 2024 (Tech Square Research Building 132-134)

Time (EST)SessionSpeaker/Talk Title
8:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast 
 Summit Welcome  Hyesoon Kim and Richard Vuduc, CRNCH co-directors [Slides]
9:00 AM  KeynoteHal Finkel, DoE, director of ASCR [Bio] [Slides]
 Session chair – Hyesoon KimThe Department of Energy’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research Program: Recent Advances and Trends Motivating Future Research
10:00 AM BREAK 
10:20 AMSession 1: ML Systems
Alexey Tumanov, Georgia Tech [Bio]
 Session chair – Tushar KrishnaServing Pareto Frontiers for Goodput-Sensitive Applications [Abstract]
Larry Heck, Georgia Tech [Bio] [Abstract]
A Brief History of Large Language Models… and a glimpse into the future
Michael Isaev, Georgia Tech [Bio]
 Calculon: a methodology and tool for high-level co-design of systems and large language models [Abstract] [Slides]
Pan Li, Georgia Tech [Bio]
Machine learning on Graphs — system-friendly algorithm design [Abstract]
12:00 PMLunch / “Food for Thought”Santosh Vempala, GT Computer Science [Bio] [Slides]
 Session chair – Rich VuducEmergent Computation and Learning in a Model of the Brain: from Neurons and Synapses to Memory and Cognition [Abstract]
1:20 PMPlenary TalkPrasanna Balaprakash, ORNL Director of AI Programs [Bio]
  Session chair – Rich VuducTaming High-Performance Computing Platform Complexity with Machine Learning [Abstract]
2:35 PMSession 2: Extreme Low Power ComputingJosiah Hester, GT CS/IC [Bio]
 Session Chair – Celine LinEmbracing Failure: Axioms and Future Directions of Intermittent Computing [Abstract]
Azad Naeemi, GT ECE [Bio]
Novel Ternary Content Addressable Memory Designs Based on Emerging Magnetic and Magnetoelectric Devices [Abstract]
3:50 PMSession 3: Simulation and TestbedsJason Lowe-Power, UC Davis [Bio]
Session Chair – Hyesoon KimLeveraging the open-source ethos: How and why gem5 is being used to design the next generation of supercomputers [Abstract]
Jeff Young, Georgia Tech [Bio]
Novel Architecture Simulation, Emulation, and Evaluation with the CRNCH Rogues Gallery [Slides]
  Murali Emani, Argonne National Lab [Bio]
Accelerating Scientific Machine Learning with AI Accelerators at ALCF AI Testbed [Slides]
4:40 PMPoster SessionTSRB event space – See poster abstracts and pdfs at this link
 Session Chair – Jeff Young
6:00 PM End of Day 1 – Time for Networking and Discussions 

Friday, February 9rd, 2024 (Tech Square Research Building)

Time (EST)SessionSpeaker/Talk Title
9:00 AM KeynoteYiran Chen, Duke University [Bio]
Session Chair – Celine Lin
Optimizing AI Systems through Cross-Layer Design: A Data-Centric Approach [Abstract]
10:00 AMSession 4: Analog and Neuromorphic
Jennifer Hasler, Georgia Tech ECE [Bio] [Slides]
 Session Chair – Jeff YoungA Vision for Neuromorphic Hardware Development Tools
  Benjamin Feinberg, Sandia [Bio]
Where Is My Analog Accelerator? [Abstract]
11:10 AMSession 5: Emerging ApplicationsSpencer Bryngelson, GT CSE [Bio] [Slides]
Session Chair – Rich VuducHybrid algorithm for incompressible flow simulation on quantum hardware [Abstract]
 Mathias Jacquelin, Cerebras [Bio]
Multi-Dimensional Seismic Processing with Algebraic Compression on Cerebras CS-2 Systems
12:00 PMLunch PanelH/W and S/W co-design panel

Vivek Sarkar (GT), Roberto Gioiosa (PNNL), Yiran Chen (Duke), Mathias Jacquelin (Cerebras), Hyesoon Kim (GT), Peter Kogge (UND)
 Moderator – Tushar Krishna
1:20 PMSession 6: HW-SW Co-Design for MLRoberto Gioiosa, PNNL [Bio] [Slides]
 Session Chair – Hyesoon KimHardware Accelerators: Use, Misuse, and Co-Design
Bahar Asgari, UMD [Bio]
Exploiting Diversity in Sparse Problems to Enable Efficient Computing
2:30 PMClosing Remarks

Summit Hotels and Directions

Please see the following page for information on local hotels and directions to the summit venue.

Event Contact

Please contact the event organizers using the CRNCH webform for any questions about this event.

Organizers: Hyesoon Kim, Richard Vuduc, Tushar Krishna, Celine Lin, Franeseya Kendrick

Co-organizers: Jeffrey Young