CRNCH Summit – Dining Suggestions

Some attendees may need to get lunch on their own due to organizational policies or if they are auditing the CRNCH Summit. Since dinner is not provided, we have also suggested to easily accessible restaurants for attendees.

Lunch Options

Tech Square Research Building is in Tech Square which has many casual and slightly fancier food options. There are also several coffee shops within close walking distance, including Daydreamer, Starbucks, and Costa Coffee (indicated by the coffee cups in the figure below).

The Coda Food Hall is less than 5 minutes away and is a good option for a larger group.

Dinner Options

Since GT is in midtown Atlanta, there are a variety of food options within short walking distance as well as a few within a short drive.

Casual, Walkable Options the Organizers Recommend (please see Google links for more information and hours)

Fancier, Walkable Options

Short Drive