CRNCH Summit 2023

February 2nd-3rd, 2023; Held at the Marcus NanoTechnology Building on the Georgia Tech campus

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s CRNCH (Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies) is tasked with finding novel ways to compute by rethinking every level of the computing stack. CRNCH combines experts from all disciplines, from device and materials, through circuits and architecture, to language, software and application experts. CRNCH also includes hardware spanning from memory-centric systems to neuromorphic chips. This novel approach is what makes the Georgia Tech CRNCH approach to post-Moore computing so unique among academic centers.

In the spirit of sharing ideas and exchanging information, CRNCH hosts this invitational meeting on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. This will be an in-person event with no hybrid option for attendance

CRNCH 2023 Summit Logistics

The summit will be held starting at 9 AM on Thursday and Friday in the Marcus NanoTechnology building on Georgia Tech’s campus. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. We request that you register, so that we can provide meals for the correct number of attendees.

Registration is Currently Closed

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Student Poster Session

A student poster session will be held on Thursday, February 2nd, and all students working in related areas are welcome to submit a poster. Posters will be printed and displayed in the lobby of the Marcus NanoTech building, and we will share the posters on our archival Github repo along with abstracts from students.

See the Abstracts for the Student Poster Session

CRNCH 2023 Slides and Recordings

Where we have been given permission, we will post slides on our archival CRNCH Github repo. We will likely have photos from the event, but we are not anticipating recording any talks.

CRNCH Summit Presenter Bios and Abstracts

See the bios and abstracts for Summit speakers

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 (Marcus Nanotechnology Building, Room 1116)

8:30 AM (EST) Registration and Continental Breakfast 
9:00 AM  Rich Vuduc and Hyesoon Kim, Co-Directors, CRNCH Center 
  CRNCH Summit Welcome [Slides]
9:15  AMKeynote Jeffrey Vetter 
Section Head – Advanced Computing Systems Research, ORNL [Bio]
 Session Chair: Rich VuducDeep Codesign in the Post-Exascale Computing Era [Abstract] [Slides]
10:00 AM BREAK 
10:30 AMSession 1 Bob Turner, Vice-President of Sales, Lightmatter [Bio]
 Device and
Communication Foundations
Accelerating AI through Photonic Communication and Computing [Abstract]
11:00 AMSession Chair: Tushar KrishnaSuman Datta, Joseph M. Pettit Chair of ECE, Georgia Tech [Bio]
   Cool CMOS as Performance Booster [Abstract]
11:30 AM Visvesh S. Sathe, Associate Professor  in ECE, Georgia Tech [Bio]
  Extending Dennard Scaling for HPC through CryoCMOS device-circuit co-design [Abstract]
12:00 PM Lunch and Student Poster Session 
  See Poster Session Abstracts at this link
1:10 PMSession 2 Bill Harrod, Program Manager, IARPA [Bio]
 Future Advanced ArchitecturesIARPA AGILE Program [Abstract]
1:45 PMSession Chair:
Hyesoon Kim
Fabrizio Petrini, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Labs; PI of IARPA AGILE team [Bio]
  Optimal Diameter-2 and Diamter-3 Network Topologies for Large-scale Data Centers  [Abstract]
2:15 PM Vivek Sarkar, Chair of Computer Science, Georgia Tech; PI of IARPA AGILE team [Bio]
  AGILE co-design for graph applications in the FORZA project [Abstract]
2:45 PM Samantika Sury, VP and Chief Hardware Architect at Samsung [Bio]
  Memory Coupled Compute: Innovating the Future of HPC and AI [Abstract]
3:30 PMSession 3 Jeff Hollingsworth, Vice President and CIO, University of Maryland [Bio]
Clustering Quantum Computers using Quantum Networks [Abstract]
4:00 PMSession Chair:
Jeff Young
Creston Herold, Research Scientist, GTRI-CIPHER [Bio]
  Optimization with Near-term Quantum Computers [Abstract] [Slides]
4:30 PM End of Day 1 – Time for Networking and Discussions 
6:00 PMDinner for External Visitors and Speakers with CRNCH Directors

Friday, February 3rd, 2023 (Marcus Nanotechnology Building, Room 1116)

8:30 AM  Registration and Continental Breakfast 
9:00 AMKeynote James Hoe Professor, ECE; Lead PI of the Intel/VMWare Crossroads 3D-FPGA center [Bio]
 Session Chair:
Hyesoon Kim
FPGA Technology at Crossroads [Abstract] [Slides]
9:45 AM BREAK 
10:15 AMSession 4 Siva Rajamanickam, Research, Sandia National Laboratories [Bio]
 Graph Analytics and AcceleratorsRecent Experiences on Accelerating ML workloads on SambaNova Systems [Abstract]
10:45 AMSession Chair:
Tushar Krishna
Callie Hao, Assistant Professor in the School of ECE, Georgia Tech [Bio]
  Multi-task Vision Transformer with Mixture-of-Expert: Algorithm and Accelerator [Abstract]
11:15 AM Celine Lin, Associate Professor in the School of CS Georgia Tech [Bio]
  Towards Network-Accelerator Co-Search for Promoting Ubiquitous on-Device Intelligence and Green AI [Abstract]
11:45 AM Lunch with Panel Session 
  Panel: Scientific AI: Is it on track, or are we doing it wrong?
Moderator: Spencer Bryngelson (CSE)
Peng Chen (CSE),
Victor Fung (CSE),
Felix Herrmann (EAS/ECE/CSE),
Nisha Chandramoorthy (CSE) 
12:45 PMPlenary Seung-Jong Park, Dr. Fred H. Fenn Endowed Professor, LSU; NSF Program Director for OAC [Bio]
 Session Chair:
Rich Vuduc
NSF CISE/OAC Programs: Software and Data Cyberinfrastructures for Large Scale Science and Technologies [Abstract]
1:15 PMSession 5 Catherine (Katie) Schuman, Assistant Professor in the Department of ECE at UTK [Bio]
  Neuromorphic ComputingApplication-Hardware Co-Design for Neuromorphic Systems [Abstract]
1:45 PMSession Chair:
Jeff Young
Nabil Imam, Assistant Professor in the School of CSE, Georgia Tech [Bio]
  Simulating the Visual Cortex in a Chip [Abstract]
2:15 PM Jennifer Hasler, Professor in the School of ECE, Georgia Tech [Bio]
  One Historical Journey through Neuromorphic Engineering [Abstract]
2:45 PM Closing Remarks 
3:00 PM End of Day 2 – Time for Networking and Discussions 

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