PhD Fellowships Awarded

Each semester, a dedicated CRNCH faculty committee evaluates applications for the CRNCH PhD fellowship and selects 2-3 winners from the submitted applicants. These winners will present their work as part of the CRNCH Summit held each year in January, and they will also work towards submitting a paper based on their proposed topic in the semester after their award is made. Please check back for more information and student presentations in future semesters.

Fall 2023 Awards (FY24)

  • Amey Agrawal, “Llamero: Workload Adaptive Systems for Large Generative Language Model Inference” Advisor: Alexey Tumanov
  • Christopher Jawetz, “Next-generation flow simulations using Quantum LBM” Advisor: Alexander Alexeev
  • Lakshmi Sathidevi, “An Automated Simulation and Evaluation Framework for Bonding Technologies in 3D FPGA” Advisors: Callie Hao, Sungkyu Lim
  • Jinsun Yoo, “Eroica: A FaaS Framework for Geo-Distributed and Heterogeneous Edge Sites with Mobile Clients” Advisors: Umakishore Ramachandran, Tushar Krishna

Fall 2022 Awards (FY23)

  • Albert Cho (SCS), “Rethinking Server Memory Hierarchy in the Era of CXL”, Advisor, Dr. Alex Daglis
  • Afolabi Ige (ECE), “Automated Synthesis for Analog Computing Systems”, Advisors: Dr. Jennifer Hasler, Dr. Callie Hao
  • Zhixin Song (CSE), “Error mitigation strategy for solving differential equations on noisy quantum processors”, Dr. Spencer Bryngelson
  • Rishov Sarkar (ECE), “Hyperscale Distributed GNN Training with Tri-Design: Near-Storage, Device, and System”, Dr. Callie Hao

Spring 2022 Awards (FY22)

  • Zishen Wan (ECE), “Analyzing and Improving Computing System Reliability for Safety-Critical Autonomous Drones”, Advisor, Dr. Arijit Raychowdury

Fall 2021 Awards

  • Siri Narla (ECE), “Ultra-low Power Magnetoelectric Random Access Memory for TCAM Application”, Advisor, Dr. Azad J. Naeemi
  • Prasanna V. Ravindran (ECE), “Quantum Annealing In Ferroelectronic Platforms”, Advisor, Dr. Asif Islam Khan

Spring 2021 Award (FY21)

  • Samantha Lubaba Noor (ECE), “System-level Figure of Merit Optimization of a Plasmon-based Integrated Computing Network”, Advisor, Dr. Azad Naeemi

Fall 2020 Awards

  • Chunxing Yin (CS), “Tensorized neural networks for faster training and better co-design”, Advisor, Dr. Rich Vuduc
  • Dingtian Zhang (IC), “Self powered computational photodetectors based on organic semiconductor (OSC) devices”, Advisor, Dr. Gregory Abowd
  • Muliang ‘James’ Zhu (ECE), “Cortex-inspired optical computing enabled by photonic metasurfaces”, Advisor, Dr. Ali Adibi