CRNCH Summit 2020

The 2020 CRNCH Summit hosted over 75 external and Georgia Tech researchers to discuss topics in post-Moore computing. Please see the preview article and slides and poster PDFs from the event below.

CRNCH Summit Agenda – January 31st, 2020

8:00                   Registration – Continental Breakfast

8:30                   Welcome – Opening Remarks   

                          Tom Conte, Vivek Sarkar, Co-Directors, CRNCH Center

                          Gregory Abowd, Associate Dean for Research, College of Computing              

8:45                  IDEaS and CRNCH Computing Resources:

                         Srinivas Aluru, Executive Director, IDEaS; interim chair CSE

                         “IDEaS Overview”

                         Jason Riedy, Jeff Young, Senior Research Scientists, Co-directors for the Rogues Gallery

                         “Rogues Gallery Updates and Enabled Research”

9:15                  Keynote Speaker:

                         David Mountain, Senior Technical Director, Advanced Computing Systems Research Program

                         “Where are all my Computer Architects?”                                     

9:45-10:15       Break – Poster Session

10:15                David Womble, AI Institute Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

                         “An update on DOE’s ML for Science and scalable AI at ORNL”

10:45                Igor Alvarado, Academic Business Development Manager, National Instruments

                         “Challenges and opportunities for new hybrid, reconfigurable, high-performance edge computing architectures for 5G and beyond”                             

11:15                Ada Gavrilovska, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science

                         “Systems Software for the New Edge of the Network”                    

11:45-12:45      Lunch & Student Poster Session

12:45                Keynote Speaker:

                         Peter Kogge, McCourtney Professor of CS&E at Notre Dame                                               

                         “HogWild on Steroids: SGD via Migrating Threads”                                                                     

1:15                  Arijit Raychowdhury, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

                         “Dynamic Computing Systems and Their Properties”

1:45                  Brian Konigsburg, System Architect, Northrop Grumman

                         “The Front Lines of Superconducting Architecture”

2:15-2:30         Break

2:30                  Craig Clark, Senior Research Scientist, GTRI Quantum Systems Division

                         “Trapped Ion Quantum Computing at Georgia Tech Research Institute”

3:00                 Hyesoon Kim, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science

                         “Modeling of Heterogeneous Computing Systems”

3:30                  Dana Randall, ADVANCE Professor of Computing, School of Computer Science

                         “Formal Foundations of Algorithmic Matter and Emergent Computation”

4:00                  Moin Qureshi, Professor, School of Electrical Computer and Engineering

                         “Tolerating Crummy Hardware with Intelligent Software: Making Progress in the NISQ-Era”

4:30                  Closing Remarks

CRNCH Student Poster Session