2023 SST User Group – Dining Suggestions

The organizers have note that some attendees may need to get lunch on their own due to organizational policies. Since dinner is not provided, we have also suggested to easily accessible restaurants for attendees.

Lunch Options

The Klaus Advanced Computing Building is near the middle of the west campus, which makes it a short walk 5-10 minute from the John Lewis Student Center, which has several quick casual options. The student center has a coffee shop as does the Clough building nearby.

Student Center Dining

Georgia Tech also has rotating food trucks that are typically located at the other end of the “Binary Bridge” near Klaus (go west from the Klaus atrium) and on Tech Green. The schedule changes on a daily basis, but Tech Green typically has 1-2 food truck options.

Georgia Tech Food Trucks Locations and Schedule

You can also walk up to Tech Square which is a 5-10 minute walk and which has several quick service restaurants. The Coda Food Hall is also nearby but is about a 10-15 minute walk from Klaus.

Dinner Options

Since GT is in midtown Atlanta, there are a variety of food options within short walking distance as well as a few within a short drive.

Casual, Walkable Options the Organizers Recommend (please see Google links for more information and hours)

Fancier, Walkable Options

Short Drive