CRNCH Summit

The Georgia Institute of Technology's CRNCH (Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies) is tasked with finding novel ways to compute by rethinking every level of the computing stack. CRNCH combines experts from all disciplines, from device and materials, through circuits and architecture, to language, software and application experts. CRNCH also includes hardware spanning from memory-centric systems to neuromorphic chips. This novel approach is what makes the Georgia Tech CRNCH approach to post-Moore computing so unique among academic centers.

In the spirit of sharing ideas and exchanging information, CRNCH hosts this invitational meeting on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. As with many events, we will plan to hold a virtual event in 2021 and hopefully resume physical events in the future.

CRNCH Summit - January 28-29, 2021

The CRNCH Summit in 2021 will be held as a virtual event over two days in January 2021. Please RSVP using the link below for the upcoming summit. More details on the virtual platform and agenda for this event will be posted here as the event approaches.

CRNCH Summit Survey for Attendees

CRNCH 2021 Summit Logistics

All sessions will be held on Cisco WebEx in one main session. We will email registered attendees the link for this WebEx session on the eve of the event (January 27th) along with a reminder of the agenda. We will host a mix of live and prerecorded talks according to the presenter's preferences (denoted in the agenda below). Where we are given permission, we will post these videos using GT hosting along with related slides from our CRNCH Github repo.

Additionally, we will host 3 persistent "hallway" chat rooms to allow for added Q&A after talks. If you would like to continue discussion after our short panel Q&As, we will make these rooms availables for speakers and attendees to continue the conversation as we might do in a real-world conference.

Breakout rooms will be used to host the poster session from the main WebEx session on Thursday, January 28th. We will plan to share short lightning talk videos from each student and then place students in separate breakout rooms so attendees can talk with them about their posters and ask questions about their work.

CRNCH SUMMIT 2021            
Thursday, January 28, 2021  (All Times are EST)                
1:00pm   Session 1, Chair. Tom Conte            
    CRNCH Summit Welcome [Slides]            
    Tom Conte, Rich Vuduc, Co-Directors, CRNCH Center        
    Charles Isbell, Jr., Georgia Tech, Dean, College of Computing, John P. Imlay, Jr Chair  
1:30pm   Keynote Speaker              
    Travis Humble, Deputy Director, Quantum Science Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
    “Accelerating Computing with Quantum Computers”        
2:30pm   BREAK                
2:40pm   Session 2, Chair, Jeff Young            
    Catherine Graves, Senior Research Scientist, Hewlett Packard Laboratories    
    “In-memory Computing with Memristor Content Addressable Memory Circuits” [Slides] [Talk]  
3:00pm   John Shalf, Department Head for Computer Science, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab  
    “Resource Disaggregation for Datacenters and HPC”         
3:20pm   Brian Konigsburg, Senior Architect, Northrop Grumman        
    “Northrop Grumman Superconducting RQL Technology: An Update” [] [Talk]    
3:40pm   Panel-style Q&A              
3:50pm   BREAK                
4:00pm   Session 3, Chair, Rich Vuduc            
    Jeffrey Young, Senior Research Scientist, Director, The Rogues Gallery    
    “The Rogues Gallery Testbed – Highlights and NSF Upgrades” [Slides][]      
4:20pm   Steve Reinhardt, VP of Product Development, Quantum Computing Incorporated  
    “Delivering Superior Quantum Performance on NP-hard Graph Problems via Subject-Matters-
    Expert APIs”  [Slides][Talk]              
4:40pm   Panel-style Q&A              
4:50pm   BREAK                
5:00pm   Poster Session Lightning Talks            
5:15pm   Poster Session Breakouts            
6:00pm   Adjourn                
Friday, January 29, 2021 (All Times are EST)                
12:00pm   Session 1, Chair, Jeff Young            
    Keynote Speaker              
    Eric Cheng, Researcher, Laboratory for Physical Sciences        
    “Project 38: Innovative Architectures for High-Performance Computing Systems” [Slides] [Not recorded]  
1:00pm   BREAK                
1:10pm   Session 2, Chair, Tom Conte            
    James Ang, Chief Scientist for Computing, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  
    “DOE Advanced Computer and System Architecture R&D Investments” [Slides] [Talk]                    
1:30pm   Mike Frank, Research & Development, Computer Science, Sandia National Laboratories  
    “Reversible Computing as the Sustainable Path Forward for General Digital Computing” [Slides] [Talk]  
1:50pm   Panel-style Q&A              
2:10pm   BREAK                
2:30pm   Session 3, Chair, Rich Vuduc            
    Dr. Nick Guise, Senior Research Scientist CIPHER, Georgia Tech Research Institute  
    Dr. Adam Meier, Senior Research Scientist CIPHER, Georgia Tech Research Institute  
    “Scalable Molecular Archival Software and Hardware”        
2:50pm   Jennifer Hasler, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech    
    "Updates on Analog Computing Design and Toolsets" [Slides] [Talk]        
3:10pm   Alex Daglis, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech    
    “Optimizing the “Last Mile” with Network-Compute Co-Design”  [Slides] [Talk]      
3:30pm   Vivek Sarkar, School Chair, School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech    
    “Intrepydd: Performance, Productivity, and Portability for Data Science Application Kernels” [Slides]
3:50pm   Panel-style Q&A              
4:10pm   BREAK                
4:30pm   Session 4, Chair, Vivek Sarkar            
    Dave Donofrio, Chief Hardware Architect, Tactical Computing Labs      
    John Leidel, Chief Scientist, Tactical Computing Labs        
    “Decentralizing the Processing Unit: Distributing Compute Throughout the System.” [Slides] [Talk]  
4:50pm   Gwen Voskuilen, Principal Member, Center for Computing Research, Sandia National Labs  
    “Accelerated Architectures and the Structural Simulation Toolkit (SST)” [Slides] [Talk]    
5:10pm   Panel-style Q&A              
5:20pm   Closing remarks              
5:30pm   Adjourn                


CRNCH Student Poster Session

All submitted CRNCH posters are available from the CRNCH 2021 Summit Github repo. 

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