Reconfigurable Platforms with 3D Stacked Memories


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While FPGAs have long been a platform for prototyping and optimized hardware solutions to cyber-security and DSP applications, recent advances in High-Level Synthesis have made them more amenable for applications like machine learning and high-performance computing. Here we provide access to a variety of FPGA boards from the primary FPGA vendors, Intel and Xilinx.

What’s available currently?:

  • Nallatech 385A Arria 10 board
  • Xilinx MpSOC board

Projected Future Hardware:

  • Micron EX700 with AC-520 HMC + FPGA module

Tools: Intel FPGA SDK 2017, Xilinx Vivado 16.3 and Xilinx SDAccel

Primary Contact: Jeffrey Young

Restrictions: None

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