Recent Publications

Invited talks with published abstracts:


  - Jason Riedy. Plans for IEEE Standard 754-2028. In 25th IEEE 

  Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH 25), June 2018. 


  - Jason Riedy. Streaming Graph Analysis: New Models, New 

  Architectures. In ACM International Conference on Computing 

  Frontiers, May 2018. 



Conference proceedings:


  - Jason Riedy and James Demmel. Augmented Arithmetic Operations 

  Proposed for IEEE 754-2018. In 25th IEEE Symposium on Computer 

  Arithmetic (ARITH 25), June 2018. 


  - Eric Hein, Tom Conte, Jeffrey S. Young, Srinivas Eswar, Jiajia 

  Li, Patrick Lavin, Richard Vuduc, and Jason Riedy. An Initial 

  Characterization of the Emu Chick. In The Eighth International 

  Workshop on Accelerators and Hybrid Exascale Systems (AsHES), 

  May 2018.




  - Jason Riedy. Graph Analysis: New Algorithm Models, New 

  Architectures. SIAM Parallel Processing for Scientific 

  Computing, March 2018, (presentation). Minisymposium 

  organizer with Oded Green and David A. Bader.